Water Fast Update Days 6 & 7

Well I made it through Day 6 and am now more than halfway through Day 7 and still feeling pretty good.

I’ve had some minor low back pain and upper thigh pain but I’ve read this a very common complaint.  I had assumed the pain was due to sitting at my desk so long, so I have been making an effort to stand and stretch a lot, but have found no relief.  But I will get through it.

I woke up this morning with diarrhea which has continued throughout the day; primarily bile and mucus but as my cells release stored toxins into my bloodstream and my liver draws from my blood, it makes perfect sense.  It’s a little acidic and very uncomfortable, but it is a sign of cleansing and therefore nothing to worry about.  I’m going to up the water intake today to see if I can speed things along.

No bizarre dreams that I can recall; in fact, sleep has been elusive for me although I did manage to catch three hours of it last night as I was actually tired (probably more emotionally) after finishing up a Korean drama series I had promised my daughter I would watch.

I have no signs of hunger still.  I’ve been cooking for my family all week and the only time my salivary glands were even remotely stirred was when I made spaghetti squash primavera the night before last.  It smelled delicious!

I still don’t know how long I am going to continue on this water fast.  I have plans to attend First Friday events in downtown Greensboro and so I am considering breaking my fast with a little mashed fruit or diluted juice tomorrow around noon and drinking juice through Thursday and most of Friday.  However, as I don’t intend on consuming anything really heavy or unclean (meat, sugar or anything processed) right away, I really don’t see the point in breaking the fast.  I’m still working it out in my head.  Spending time out with friends is always a challenge during a fast.  I’m conflicted about what to do but I suppose when the time comes, I will decide.  In the meantime I will work on a plan to get back on track if and when a break happens.

I believe this is a good time to talk about the emotional aspect of my fast.  It is common during extended water fasts that some negative emotions, perhaps from past events, may start to surface.  I experienced this phenomenon more during my first 11‑day fast in 2009 but am also experiencing it to a limited degree this time around too; only the anxiety I’m currently feeling seems to be centered more upon hypothetical scenarios with regard to the future.  This makes a lot of sense to me because when you take away food and get past the desire for it, you find that you have a lot more time on your hands.  It’s amazing, really.  It’s as if the mind picks up the slack for the resting digestive system.

I never realize, until I’m fasting, just how much food occupies my time.  I love to cook and bake and these are activities that I do out of necessity only for my family during my fasts.  I’ve been keeping pretty busy in the meantime, cleaning things around the house and checking off tasks here and there that have been on my to‑do list on the refrigerator for months.  I find some humor in the fact that I had been getting in and out of the fridge multiple times daily prior to my fast but never really paid attention to my to‑do list!

All said, it’s been a pretty good couple of days but I will update you as things progress.

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