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Rediscover Your Productivity While Working from Home!

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From time to time, I find myself feeling a little frustrated when I don’t quite “have it all together.”  Case in point, I’m currently sitting in my home office which very visibly has not been vacuumed since my return from vacation nearly a week ago; the mail basket sitting on my desk is overflowing with envelopes I’ve yet to open; my voice mail box is so full it can’t take any new messages; and I’m sipping coffee from one of 3 drinking vessels left on my work station during the course of the week.  (About 10 minutes ago, I picked up the wrong mug.  Ugh!)

Just Say No

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Far from simply being the 1980’s advertising campaign in the U.S. War on Drugs (yeah, I know, I’m totally dating myself here), “Just Say No” has become a personal mantra for me, from dealings with over-entitled friends and family to pushy salespersons and more recently, clients.  While the idea has held for decades that the client is always right, a new perspective with a hefty dose of logic has wandered onto the business scene.

Dressing The Part

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The rich warm aroma of brewing coffee; the clicking of fingers on keyboards; the clacking of high heels on hard floors; the background hum of paper-shuffling, printers and voices – these are just a few of the ambient smells, sounds and sights of the typical office that I have come to miss while working from home, a sentiment I’ve discovered to be beyond the grasp of many I know still subject to the conventional grind of their occupations and even at times a surprise to myself.