Post-Vacation Blues

What is it about vacation that makes me feel like I’ve been hit by a giant truck and steamrolled?  Why do I feel like I need to recuperate from my trip?  Am I doing it wrong?  You’d think after an entire week in a 5‑star resort, of mornings spent lazing on the beach, afternoons lingering by the pool and evenings sipping vino on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic that I would come home feeling refreshed, no?  Or maybe that’s just it.  Maybe the trauma of transitioning from a luxurious king-sized bed piled high with fluffy pillows to my springy queen that dips in the middle is just too much for me.

Whatever the case, I’ve got the post-vacation blues and I’ve got them bad.  To complication things a bit, I’ve got a very busy month planned and I need to muster up the energy and enthusiasm to power through productively and efficiently.  On my to‑do list is to get back on the ball with my blog.  So please forgive me if the next few posts are short and mundane, as I’m quite rusty.  However, I’m going to force myself to check in and post something every day for the next two weeks.  Can I do it?  I’m sure I can.  Will you hold me to it?  I hope you will.


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