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Transformation Tuesday: 3 Pounds Lost!

by Colleen Elizabeth    

It’s a small accomplishment and a surprise considering the fact that I didn’t keep my eating clean this week (after a rough few days I uncorked a bottle of red wine last night, drank a glass and also had some tortilla chips with my guacamole. The salt, sugar and alcohol has me so bloated today, my fingers look like sausages!). I believe the exercise was the real hero and I intend to keep that up.

Sugar is and has always been my crack. In fact, it’s been stated by researchers that a sugar addiction is more difficult to overcome than a drug addiction. It’s little wonder then that sugar has been given so many deceptive names, and continues to confuse even savvy consumers. I’m not sure I would necessarily categorize myself as savvy, but I know when I’m eating sugar. It’s a somewhat conscious overthrow of my will when I break down and eat it. Figuring out why is proving a challenge, as I already suspected it would. How can I overcome something I haven’t yet established?

Honestly, I think I do have clues as to why I’m in this situation. Old traumas and ensuing deep psychological issues have ensured a nice fatty cocoon of protection from having to deal with the stresses of a “normal” everyday life. The problem is, this kind of life brings on its own set of stresses. I tell myself that I would gladly trade one set for the other. So what gives?

While I’m figuring that out, I will keep struggling on this journey. Three pounds is only a start, so I won’t let myself be discouraged over it. As I’ve got a crazy week and weekend ahead of me, I will simply do the best I can until the chaos is over and on Monday I will really dig in my heels and be strict with my eating habits. In the meantime, I will continue to exercise, drink a lot of water and maintain a positive attitude!

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