Single Pallet Wine Rack

After months of stagnation on the organizational front, I’ve finally managed to take another step forward!

Behold my husband’s latest single-pallet creation – The Wine Rack!


Granted, it’s simply a variation on the wine rack designs already circulating through Pinterest, but I really found other designs wanting in size and character.

After weeks of constantly bashing the door into the stack of pallets my husband had collected and stored in our tiny laundry room, we decided it was probably time to do something with them.

I had initially purposed a beautiful dark wood entertainment center for conversion into a full bar, but after determining that the piece is simply too large for our dining room, I had to find another place to store our wine and liquor, as we are slim on kitchen storage space and I was getting tired of seeing our battered bottle-filled cardboard boxes beneath a table in the kitchen.

The construction of this rack is fairly simple, as evidenced by the fact that my husband managed to crank out a couple extra to give as gifts, resulting in three wine racks in one week, all in the limited spare hours surrounding his full-time job.

I specifically requested the inclusion of hooks for bottle opener and wine charms and had I more patience, I would have taken the time to find some vintage decorative hardware for these elements.  As it happened, I was too eager to wait and am completely content with the oiled bronze hooks I found at my local hardware store.


In addition to the red mahogany stain by Minwax, I’m loving the script chalked onto the rack with my white chalk pens. I think the piece goes well in my green and wine themed dining room.

Now I just need to design a matching rack for my liquor and rock glasses!



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