Piece of Cake!

This post-a-day goal is going to be challenging, I see.  But the day’s not over yet and I promised a post so here it is for better or worse (hopefully the former, not the latter).

I finally acknowledged to myself that my post-vacation-blues syndrome is just a façade for something bigger.  Truth be told, I’ve been going through some kind of depression (I don’t mean it in the clinical sense, more of a bluesy kind of thing) for the past year or two… or three.  Desire and motivation to accomplish anything have eluded me and having something to look forward to, such as a vacation, has been my primary driving force (and not a strong one, at that).  I’ve gained weight, stopped being active, stopped regularly cooking and baking, stopped reading, stopped going out with my husband, and as my teenage children have gotten older and more independent I find myself interacting with them less and less.  No bueno!!

I know I’ve got to change this behavior and fast.  Fortunately, I have a handful of challenges that I HAVE to undertake coming my way, and I can use them as an opportunity to get myself back into the stream of life.  I’ve got two celebration cakes I’ve been commissioned to make over the next two months:  One for a wedding and one for a party.  These tasks I usually find overwhelming and stressful, but as I love the people for whom I’m making these cakes, I really want to do a great job and hope that my desire to please will help infuse my work with the enthusiasm needed to succeed.

Additionally, I’ve got to make a trip to my home state of Ohio in August to attend a family wedding.  I haven’t seen my family for quite a few years and I definitely don’t want them to be greeted by an unhealthy oaf who has let herself go.  So, yeah, challenges.  Big ones!  But it will be a piece of cake!


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