Looking for a Job Typing from Home?

In my quest to find a lucrative work-at-home job, I pored over many online ads and sifted vigorously, trying to separate the scams from the legit.  My prior extensive administrative experience lent eligibility to much of the typing work available, including transcription, and as I was tiring of the remote telephone customer service work, I thought I’d give it a go.

I applied to and heard back from several companies, but one in particular won my heart when they offered to pay for the foot pedal (normally about $50 to $75) needed to fulfill the work, as they had an abundance of work and were short on contractors at the time.  True to their word, an overnight package showed up at my door the day after I had signed the contract to become an independent agent.

Due to HIPAA compliance and the other various confidentiality agreements I’ve signed with this company (and as I still do work for this company from time to time) I am unable to tell you directly which company I contract for, but I’ve included them in the list below of legitimate transcription companies.  Most require some prior experience with transcription, although there have been those will overlook lack of experience in exchange for a willing spirit.

Training consisted of downloading and reading an extensive manual of the company’s policies and procedures and then completing a series of test jobs, using the information in the downloaded manual for guidance.  Admittedly, I found the testing grueling and I confess I initially failed more than one of the tests before being allowed to retake them and finally passing.  Whether this was standard procedure or the company was just in desperate need of contractors at the time (as evidenced by the complimentary foot pedal) I probably will never know; but I managed to pass the testing and the schedule of work was made available to me.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to other transcriptionists from various online transcription companies in recent years and it seems that they pretty much operate in the same way.  Schedules are offered one to two weeks in advance, with shifts granted in one-hour increments.  Jobs are downloaded during those shifts, completed and then returned to the company.  The agency I work for has its own proprietary software, so submission is as simple as a button that automatically uploads the completed job for me.  A few of the smaller transcription companies simply ask that you return the completed job via email after utilizing freeware to type it.

Pay is often per word and depending on how quickly and accurately one can type, the range is quite broad.  Some agencies pay their contractors via PayPal while others pay directly.  The company I contract for pays twice monthly, direct bank deposit and is 1099 based.  When I first started, I was averaging a steady $9 to $10 per hour but after many years and much practice, I can bring in anywhere from $15 to $25 (or more with bonuses) hourly depending on any number of factors including whether I’m dealing with medical transcription or legal transcription; the cadence of the client dictating; whether or not there is a foreign accent involved; and sometimes just how I’m feeling in general.  Overall, home-based transcription work can be a good supplemental income for anyone who can type fast and accurately and interpret a variety of vernaculars.

For more information about non‑telephone jobs you can do from home, such as transcription, contact any one of the companies from the list below.  These are just the companies I have either contracted for or have second-hand knowledge regarding.  For a much more comprehensive list and description of companies providing home-based transcription jobs, I absolutely recommend visiting this informative blog post on work-at-home transcription jobs.

I wish you well in your search!


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