FREE 609 Credit Verification Letters

In this post you will find, as promised, the credit verification letters you need to send to the credit agencies demanding that they provide you with physical proof of signed contracts for your negative credit accounts or alternatively, delete them.

I know these letters work because I USED THEM MYSELF, word for word, to get current collection accounts and hard inquiries removed from my own credit profile, raising my credit score substantially – with positive results in as little as a month!

While not difficult, the process can be tedious and if you’re willing to be patient and somewhat organized, you can can succeed in giving your personal credit status a significant boost!

Feel free to download and use, making adjustments as you see fit.  Additionally, drop me a line and let me know how your process goes!

Addresses for the Three Main Credit Agencies:

P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022

P.O. Box 4500
Allen, TX 75013

P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374

**Simply click on the link below each letter to print out and fill in.  If you have more items than there are rows, simply write neatly underneath the table.  What matters is that you include all accounts you want physical verification for, and in a very neat and legible manner.**

609 Credit Verification Letter 1 – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

609 Credit Verification Letter 2 -CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

609 Credit Verification Letter 3 – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

Free 609 Credit letter templates | The PIckled Ginger - Download our free 609 Credit letter templates and free yourself from bad credit!

93 thoughts on “FREE 609 Credit Verification Letters”

  1. Hello,
    Awesome post, I just prepared my letters with your templates. I’m sending them on monday. I will keep readers updated on my results. I’m really hopefull! I need to buy a house and my credit is making the process very difficult.

    1. Please keep me posted. I would love to hear how it works out for you. Also, while I did send my first round of letters all out at the same time, I did read that they really should be staggered every 3 to 4 days. There was no reason given for it, only advice from someone who worked for the credit agency who said that it was important to do. You might want to take that into consideration. I did make sure when I was sending out my follow up letters that they were staggered though.

      Anyway, my best to you! Let me know in a few months your results!

  2. thanks love… good to see good people out here.. everybody always want u to pay for something like were not already going thur something already… jerks….lol thank alot love kisses

  3. Thank you for providing the free templates. I’m going to embarked my journey to fix my debts. I will keep you updated with the results.

  4. Hi im on the quest to fix my credit and very thankful for you and the free downloads you have provided.

  5. What do I put in the area that says provide physical verification? What happens if I am already disputing some of them?

    1. You don’t need to put anything in the box. I’ve already filled it in for you. I don’t know what will happen as far as the dispute, but be sure to let us know!

  6. So glad I found your blog. Your letters are thorough and honestly the best templates on the internet. I appreciate you sharing this. I do have a question: Did you mail the letters along with your credit reports? My credit reports are about 60 pages long each (Thanks student loans LOL).

    1. Thank you so much, Sasha. No, I didn’t mail the reports with the letters. The info written in the letter is sufficient, and postage could get expensive with all that bulk!

  7. Hi! Do I mail a copy of my ID and social security card with the letters?

    1. Hi Ciara,
      ID, yes; Social Security card, NO. The report number on the credit reports, along with a photo copy of your ID will be sufficient. Let us know how you get on!

  8. If the corporate office of all 3 bureaus is known, why not send them there? You can do a Corporation/LLC search in their respective states and get their physical address. Wouldn’t this be more effective? Your thoughts?

    1. It may be more effective. If I had that information, I might do that as well as the address given for the inquiries.

    2. Do you use a pen to write your info on the letters or it has to be typed in? Thanks

      1. Hi Henry, I actually used a pen and neatly wrote in the info, though I’m not sure it matters. Best of luck!

  9. Hi, Colleen

    Should I mail the first 609 letter via certified mail or send through regular mail? I’m send 6 letters, three for myself and three for my husband. Also would it work for a repossession?

    1. Hi! All correspondence sent to the agencies must be certified ALWAYS. This provides proof of their receipt. This process can be done for any and all items on your report you wish to request verification for.

  10. Hi Colleen

    I was wondering if there’s a template or information you have that you can provide me with regarding deleting hard inquiries and valid late payments on the report. Also, what is the law regarding hard inquiry and late payments being reported? I don’t want them to remove the entire account because of an old late payment. I need the history of that account to reflect for age and utilization and other month’s good payment history. Also, any experience you could share regarding yours or others disputes to the CB’s regarding hard inquiry removal or late payment removals would be appreciated. (the late payments were accurate, but I still want them off the reports. Is there a law they have to abide by regarding this? Please provide template letter if you have.)

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Sarah. I don’t really know how to answer your question, as I am no expert on credit matters. This is just my personal experience. I was, however, able to get the hard inquiries removed using the letter templates I’ve provided. I just referenced the inquiry and asked the bureau to provide me with the signed applications. When they couldn’t, they deleted them. With regard to the valid late payments, I don’t know. If your current payment history with a given creditor is good, then I can understand not wanting to have the account deleted. I am unaware of any process that will delete just negative instances off of accounts as opposed to the account as a whole.

    2. If you want to have a creditor remove late payments, write a Goodwill letter to them. Search Google for Goodwill creditor letter.

  11. Hi! Your site is the BEST out of all I have looked at. And Ive been looking for last 2 hrs for ones that I am comfortable using. The letters are neat, simple, clean and to the point. Thank you.
    I also wanted to say to anyone trying to get a loan for a home…pull your free reports for all 3 bureaus from and look them over…BEFORE you get a preapproval with a lender! If they pull the scores for you and you decide not to use them within 15 days because of credit issues…your credit will be affected by at least 20 pts. And DO NOT let them talk you into using a credit repair company. It costs $$$ and you can do it faster for free using these templates from this site. I say this from personal experience and also from my clients. I am happy I kept looking and will keep you posted on what happens. Mine will definitely be a major success story for sure!

  12. Correction to site listed above….sorry!

    is ONLY free website required by law with credit bureaus to give reports for free!!

  13. OMG!! I been searching for 609 letters and came across this site and was amazed. Thank you so much for this information.

  14. If I disputed something as “paid” on Equifax, will that affect my ability to use this letter to remove it completely?

  15. Thank You very much for providing these clear and concise documents. I hope to The Most High these can get wiped out. Thank You and GodBless

  16. Thank you so much for you 609 templets I had no clue that this was even possible, I came across your blog while I was researching 609 letters, I know God sent you to me for a reason, I sent out my first letter on the 5th I am sending my next letter out on Monday, I am so excited to see what the outcome is, thank you so much for honesty, I am so glad to see this would is still full of great people!!!

  17. I have admitted that I incurred the debt through their automated system. Will they come back to me and say that they have the recording or something. Will I still be able to use these documents. It was for my hospital bills.

    1. Well, the whole 609 process has nothing to do with denying or admitting ownership of the debt… It’s simply about their right to report it to the credit agencies. By law, if they do not have your signature on a document from the debtor, they are not allowed to report the account.

  18. Hi, how can I edit this letters? Goole drive and word doesn’t let me. Thanks for you response.

  19. I have used these letters and have gotten my student loans off of my credit report! Thank you!!!

    1. how can I edit this letters? Google drive and word doesn’t let me. Thanks for you response.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing and mapping out all the detailed information needed to get my credit letters done on my own. My question is Do I have to include my former name if my last name changed due to marriage?

    1. It’s probably a good idea to give them any and all information to help identify yourself, including aliases or maiden names.

  21. Hey quick question i havent seen on here. Do i have to know my “Account name” and “account number” to send them? If so how do I find that information?

    1. Hi Richard, I found that just copying the account information exactly as it is on your credit report is sufficient to submit for verification. If it’s not listed on your credit report, than it’s really not a problem as it’s not affecting you.

      Likewise, if it’s a lien or inquiry that you’re asking the credit agency to verify, just write it exactly as it’s listed in your report.

  22. Hello, and good day. I’m writing to ask what is the line for the report number for?

  23. Hi,
    So I’ve sent my second letter, i’m getting ready to send my third and there are 3 items that remain. If I did not include my id initially do you think that affect the results?

    1. I really couldn’t say what their basis for picking and choosing what to comply with is; however, it’s best to always include absolutely any and all helpful information you have to minimize the agencies claiming they couldn’t verify your identity, etc.

  24. Hello I have tried to open all three links for the letters but none of them are working. 🙁 any suggestions thank you again I have read your blog and I am really hoping that I can get some good results for both my husband and myself.

  25. Hello Yes this really works I am on letter #2 and I had 4 things deleted so far.. I do have a question. I had a repo taken off my r transunion report and my score dropped 60 points why would this happen? should I get a secured crdit card to reestablish my credit now

    1. You’ll find that the scores will fluctuate both ways before they even out, and even then they will still change frequently. It’s short-lived as long as your paying your Bill’s on time and keeping your debt to income ratio balanced, credit card balances low.

  26. Hello!

    I sent my first letter, only filling out the 5 spaces available, though i have a few more inquiries i wanted to add. Sent the letter on Friday, today is monday …. Should i send another “letter number 1” with additional information, or wait until i get a response back from the first set of inquiries and add the additional onto the second letter? … This is only for one credit bureau so far ( Transunion).

    1. If you have more items, just neatly write them in under the rest, or you could recreate the letter to fit your needs. At this point though, I would wait for the response before sending another letter.

  27. Thanks Colleen for this eye opening blog. Will definitely give these a try starting today. Question: what happens if after the 3rd mail you still get no response and you’ce threatened them with lawsuit.

    What’s the next step? Is there a 4th letter? Best Nick

    1. Honestly, I don’t know. I never had to go that far. The attorneys that do this for their clients proceed with the commencement of litigation.

  28. I’m so confused to how to even begin. I have printed off all the 609 letters you have provided but I don’t what to do next? Do I use these letters that I printed and use a pen to write over stuff? It’s got the date wrong at the top of each letters, and don’t know how to change it. Do I just mark it out and put the right date in pen? If so, that’s no professional. Or do I just simply use these samples and write everything out on on my own? Please help!

  29. I have a question. Should these letters also go to the collection agencies that are requesting payments? It seems that they would but I want to be sure that I am utilizing them properly.

    Also, I would like to thank you for providing the templates free of charge. It’s was a pretty awesome thing to do in a time when everything has a price tag.

    Best wishes in all that you do!

    1. Send them out for every account and inquiry you are trying to remove from your file.

  30. Hi, and thank you so much for your free templates. I was going to have a credit repair agency do this but figured I could just do it myself. My question is what is the time frame in between letters that you should wait before sending the next. For example I send one on 5/1/19 when should I send letters 2 and 3 .

    1. I waited until I got a response from the credit agency, which is typically 30 days or less. They have 30 days to respond to you, and I found each response came 3 to 4 weeks after sending out my letter.

  31. I’m confused do you send the letters to the credit report agencies or to the debt collectors?

  32. Hello can I send a 609 letter out without having an account number just the name of the account??

  33. Thank you so very much! God bless you for you blessing others with free info!

  34. Yay! the answer to my prayers right here! I’m getting ready to send out my first letter to Equifax!

  35. I cant open the letters, and I tried copying and paste and they are blurry, can you please help me? I need to use your letters, by the comments, they are really helpful. I don’t know if you can email me but if you can, this is my email Thank you in advance

    1. Yes, definitely. You don’t want to give the agencies any excuse to claim identification issues for not responding, which they have done before.

  36. Are you able to email the template? Every time I try to download it the picture is blurry! Thanks

  37. Very cool experiment, I have stubborn paid charge offs that won’t go away.
    I don’t see any links for the documents, are they still available?

  38. Thank you for sharing all this information. Knowledge is power!! I’d love to use these letters but I can’t see them. They are all blurry?!

    1. I’ve never tried it with those systems, nor have I heard of the letters being used for those agencies.

  39. Wanted to let you know that the letters, as written, have NOT worked one bit with Experian. Transunion has removed one account. Equifax has removed 3. I am now on round two with all 3.

    1. I’m not sure if this pandemic has anything to do with anything but I’ve only gotten ONE taken off. Experian tried to tell me that I had to send in more information which I clearly had everything that they needed. So I’m waiting for them now. I’m going to keep doing it until it’s all OFF. Good luck to you.

  40. Thanks for providing these free of charge Colleen. I had been watching youtube videos of people claiming to have them but when you get to the end of the video and click through the links there’s a cost. It is frustrating to be lullled into something , let me know upfront so i can make a decision if i want to and then it makes me leary and not trust people when they play with these tactics. Thanks for your transparency and clarification through your blog and in the comments.
    God Bless!

  41. good day,
    ive been working on this for a minute now ive raised my scores from the 500s to transunion over 800
    but im still having problems with experian and equifax. they are dealing with some low down partners
    that keep every detail on you from birth and dont care about 7 year and 10 year cut offs. please research the following agencies and get back to me. if you can defeat them you can have perfect credit.
    3. CLARITY
    4. INNOVIS

    GOOD LUCK this mission will self destruct in ten seconds.

  42. Can anyone tell me what life is like after significant deletions? Anyone able to buy a house or any major purchases? Any companies able to re-add those debts?

  43. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you I just mailed my letter out today. I’m wondering what life is like after the deletions. Has anyone been able to make better purchases? I’m set on buying a home. Is there a chance that the debts can be reapplied?

  44. I sent my first round of letters 2 weeks ago. I have noticed that I am in dispute status and my credit score jumped 60 points. My question is, if after my “dispute status” if they don’t actually remove anything will my score return back to what it was before? will i loose the 60 point increase? I was so happy my points went up but scared that they won’t change anything and my scores will drop again :/
    Thanks for your help!

  45. Thank you, I will send my on Monday Bless you for help us with this information.

  46. Tom,
    Send a copy if your Transunion & equifax credit report to experience to verify that particular account isn’t on your experience report and they should remove it

    Lumberton, NC

  47. Tom,
    Send a copy of your Transunion & equifax credit report to experian to verify that particular account isn’t on your experian credit. Once Experian Credit reviews the information , negative account should be deleted.
    Good luck!

  48. Hello, this is a God send…I use to work for a collection agency and I use to read these types of letters. I was just saying to myself I wish I had that information to fix my credit right now thanks so much.

  49. I’m having some difficulty downloading on my end is there a way you can send via email?

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